8 inch Australian adjustable scaffolding castor fits 49mm OD tube SCRTA-200050R-93

Model No: SCRTA-200050R-93

Wheel Diam: 8" (200mm)

Tread Width: 2" (50mm)

Wheel Desc: Polyurethane wheel

Caster Type: Scaffold caster

Brake: Total lock brake caster

Mount Type: Adjuatable thread caster

Load Cap: 1540lbs (700kg)


2D Drawing




Technical Data

Technical Date °C / mm / kg °F / inch / lbs
Caster Wheel Dia. (D) 200mm 8"
Tread Width (W) 50mm 2"
Hardness of tread Shore A 90 Shore A 90
Wheel bearing Roller bearing Roller bearing
Mount type Adjustable thread stem Adjustable thread stem
Stem diam. (ØF) 38mm 1.35"
Stem length (L) 350mm 13.78"
Stem hole (ØP) - -
Swivel radius (E) - -
Overall height (H) 376 mm 14.80"
Caster barke Total lock brake castrer Total lock brake caster
Temperature - 20 / + 60°C - 4 / + 140°F
Load capacity 700 kg 1500 lbs
Net Weight kg lbs


8"Australian adjustable scaffolding castor fits 49mm OD scaffolding tube SCRTA-200050R-93

SCRTA Series Australian adjustable thread scaffolding castors are designed specifically for scaffolding work. This caster fits 49mm OD scaffolding tube. This pressed metal casters are zero offset swivel casters that conform to DIN 4422: HD 1004: 1992 and BS 1139: part 3: 1994, combining the swivel lock and brake concept, is made for scaffolding work, built on a zinc passivity steel frame with an advanced design, ensuring rigidity and a long successful working life, with load capacities from 880 to 1,800 lbs.

• Caster housing made of pressed steel, double ball raceway swivel head, King bolt and nut construction for added strength,Sealed swivel section keeps out debris.
• Total Lock Brake: Easy to engage for swivel and wheels,Colour coded brake pedals to easily identify on/off operation..
• Zerks: Swivel and hub for easy lubrication.
• Wheel center made of polypropylene. Wheel tread made of red polyurethane (TPU). Roller bearing with drilled hardened steel spanner bushing and plastic side washers.Wheel axle with nut.

Custom design
• Custom design scaffolding casters available

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