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Scaffold caster - 12 inch Solid stem scaffolding caster with PU on semi-steel wheel | SCUFA-300075R-13

  • Part No.: SCUFA-300075R-13
  • Wheel Dia.: 300 mm / 12 inch caster
  • Tread Width: 75mm / 3inch caster
  • Wheel Mat.: PU on semi steel caster
  • Caster Type: Total lock swivel caster
  • Fitting Type: Solid stem scaffold caster
  • Load Cap.: 800kg / 1760 lbs
  • APP: Scaffolding caster
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Technical Data

CASTER TECHNICAL°C / mm / kg°F / inch / lbs
Wheel Diameter300 mm12 inch
Tread Width75 mm3 inch
Wheel MaterialPU on cast iorn wheelPU on cast iorn wheel
Hardness of TreadShore A 95Shore A 95
Wheel BearingRoller bearingRoller bearing
Fitting TypeSolid round stemSolid round stem
Stem SizeOD34.5×100 mmOD1.36×4 inch
Hole Spacing (L1)63.5 mm2.5 inch
Hole diameter (P1)12.7 mm0.5 inch
Hole Spacing (L2)50.8 mm2 inch
Hole diameter (P2)12.7 mm0.5 inch
Swivel Offset73 mm2.87 inch
Swivel Radius223 mm8.78 inch
Overall Height368 mm14.5 inch
Caster BrakeTotal lock brake castersTotal lock brake casters
Load Capacity800 kg1,760 lbs
Caster Weight

Part No.SCUFA-300075R-13SCUFA-300075R-13



Accessories & Versions


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